Backing off a bit

Backing off a bit

Der er ingen genveje til et sted der er værd at nå til.

There are no short cuts to any place worth going.

A job has a way of getting in the way of grand plans. Week 2 didn’t quite go according to plan. This weekend I have set aside my language learning to take advantage of a free weekend of training on Pluralsight. As I’m taking on new technical responsibilities at work, this free training will help with my job.

Last week I reviewed and practiced the two planned DC101 Beginner lessons, though only submitted one audio recording. The second one should be completed and submitted today.

I did complete my task of recording myself reading from a book, and surpassed my Duolingo goal of 15961. I’m liking my 40-day streak. Still a long ways to match my longest streak of 180 days.

This week I want to try being slightly less prescriptive, by setting out an overall goal instead of daily goals.

  • Translate my newest teacher feedback. For the second lesson, she spoke much slower, so I should have a better chance of understanding than the earlier recording. (L)
  • Complete DC101 Beginner Lesson #10: Reserving a Table at a Danish Restaurant. This will include daily reviews of the audio dialogue, and a recording for my teacher. (R) (L) (S) (W)
  • Complete DC101 writing assignment. This was assigned by my teacher last week. (W)
  • On Tuesday, record reading one paragraph of Kvinden i Buret. (S)

Every day will include the following tasks:

  • Maintain Duolingo streak (R) (L) (S)
  • Flashcard practice (as scheduled by the app) (R) (L) (S)

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