Rainbow LakeLee Anne is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL Server 2008. She also tinkers in server administration, database development and programming. When not studying SQL, Lee Anne is learning how to trade on the stock market. Her goal is to replace her job income with trading and find some place much warmer than Edmonton to move to. But that’s still a ways off.


Lee Anne is in no way qualified to offer any type of stock market trading advice. No statements on this blog should be considered as a recommendation to buy or sell any type or number of shares. The purpose of comments made in this blog are solely for the purpose of Lee Anne’s personal education and documentation of personal learning experience. She does not necessarily include all pertinent information regarding trading decisions. All trades are executed in a paper money practice trading account and do not involve real money. She does not have any relationship with Investools or thinkorswim beyond being a customer for their regular services.

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LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/leeannepedersen
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/leeannepedersen


Why luminescence? From Wikipedia: “Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold body radiation.” I’m always cold, but hope to be enlightening to someone!

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