Sticky Wikis

Sticky Wikis

John Rotenstein, Business Intelligence Manager at Atlassian, made a presentation at the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco on how Atlassian makes its Confluence wiki “sticky.” As an international organization, Atlassian expects its employees to “live in” Confluence all day as the single point of access for corporate knowledge, collaboration and communication.

A couple of the highlights:

Adding wiki search to the browser

In Chrome, right-click on the search bar and select ‘Edit search engines…’ Scroll to the bottom of the list and add a new search engine. Set the keyword to something obvious (I picked ‘mywiki’) and the URL to:


Replace my-wiki with the DNS name of your Confluence site. It will look like this:


Now you can open a new tab and type in the search bar “mywiki[space][search term]”. Check out what happens once you hit the space bar:

search bar

Then, continue typing the search term:


And see the results:


Sharing pages

Sharing pages with co-workers is a great way of alerting someone to content that they might find useful, or request a review or comment. Every page and blog post has a Share link in the top right corner. Add the recipients and a personalized note, and they will receive it as an email, with a link right to the page.

share dialog

You can view the slides from the presentation at

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