Evernote FTW!

Evernote FTW!

I am an apprentice GTDer, and continually look for ways to improve my ability to use the system successfully. After reading a few blogs that exhorted the benefits of Evernote for GTD, I thought I would give it a try.

While I can’t claim that it’s improved my practices any (not Evernote’s fault), I do love it. I have the clipping extensions installed in Chrome and constantly add new notes when I run across articles that I would normally bookmark for later reading, but by the time I get back to them, they’ve long since 404’ed.

This past weekend I decided to “catalogue” my DVDs. I hate perusing the bargain bin and seeing a title that I love at a bargain price, but I can’t remember if I replaced my VHS copy with a DVD copy already. So I clipped cover images for all my DVDs into Evernote, so I can now pull them up on my phone to check my list.

I also have multiple Evernote accounts because I want to isolate my investing materials away from my personal/work details. I found it very annoying to have to log out and log in with each account, and for a while I suffered by keeping one account in the desktop application and one configured as a web account. Depending on who you listen too, being able to switch easily between accounts is either a highly demanded feature request or something that only a few people might use. But I lucked out today browsing the Evernote forums – a solution!

By adding /DebugMenu to your Evernote shortcut, a new [Debug] menu appears, and you can flip back and forth between accounts effortlessly!

I just wanted to document this here so that I don’t forget it when setting up Evernote on a new machine, and hopefully it helps someone else suffering from this same problem.

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