A long time coming

A long time coming

Hurrah! I’m very happy today. After studying, on and off, for years, today I finally wrote and passed the Implementation and Maintenance exam for SQL Server 2008 (70-432).

While on spring vacation, I made a plan to set a date in June, but by the time I checked availability in May, June was already booked up. I’m glad now that it was, because I certainly didn’t feel ready by the end of June. I was a lot more comfortable going into the exam today.

I prepared for the exam by:

  • reading and rereading the Microsoft Press self-study book,
  • took the 5-day classroom training on Maintaining a SQL Server Database,
  • bought the practice exam from MeasureUp, and
  • read Books Online.

There were things on the exam that I now have to look up, because I didn’t run across them in my studies (default trace files and tracking deprecated code usage).

I’m celebrating my new title Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with a beer and some high-carb snacks. Then, onward! to the next certification, while I’m in the habit of studying regularly.

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