Family Reunion Cookbook

Family Reunion Cookbook

cookbook cover
Cookbook cover

Have you received your copy of the Lapointe Family cookbook? The cookbook, with recipes contributed by family members, compiled by Eileen Scobie, edited and printed by me, was available for pickup at the 2010 family reunion, held at the farm of Marthe Pedersen.

It contains over 90 pages of wholesome, traditional family recipes such as Mixed Beet Relish (Kathleen Lapointe), Mom’s Baked Beans (The Wilsons), and Butter Tarts (Karen Karasiuk). As a bonus, there are 18 pages of Lapointe family genealogy, starting with Alfred and Emilda and stretching back 12 generations, to Jacques Guyon, born in 1520 in France.

The soft-cover book is coil-bound for easy use in the kitchen. The second edition, reprinted to fix some typos, can be printed on demand and shipped anywhere. The cost is $10 plus shipping.

Family members can also contribute recipes for reprintings for future family reunions.

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