So how are we related, anyways?

So how are we related, anyways?

Vésina descendants

Curious as to how we might be related to Jacques Vésina? From the descendant tree on the right, you can see that we are related through Emilda Nault.

So, Jacques, Marie and family have arrived in Nouvelle France and purchased some land around Chutes Montmorency in 1659.

According to documents, Louise was entered into a marriage contract with Charles Garnier on December 21, 1664, when she was 12 years old. The dowry was 200 livres, dishes and cutlery. The actual marriage was delayed because of her young age, but it not known exactly when it took place. Charles was from Tournebu in Normandy and was 28 years old.

We know Charles was in Nouvelle France because he witnessed a land deal on December 5, 1661. He was a farmer, and on January 1, 1664, he bought 2 arpents of land not far from Jacques’ property.

Louise went on to have 11 children. Five died before reaching the age of 21. Her 16-year-old son François died three weeks after her son Pierre, who was 20, both probably by drowning, possibly while fishing, in June 1700. Four daughters, including our ancestor Marie-Charlotte, and two sons survived to adulthood.

Louise died on December 1, 1714 around the age of 62. Charles was buried at Beauport on February 6, 1717 at the age of 81.

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