2008 Reunion debrief

2008 Reunion debrief

The merry family reunion is over and done with for another three years. I think a fun time was had by all! Stuart B and I were fortunate enough to arrive after Friday night’s rain (typical) and had a nice balmy day today. It was really nice to see everyone again, for most it’s the only time I have a chance to get caught up. And there are now so many kids that I don’t know, too many generations removed.

The supper last night was excellent, thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make it come together.

I took the opportunity to photograph the four sisters, you can see my mom praying for a lot of food to be eaten!

The four sisters

There will be notifications of the family reunion cookbook coming soon, it will be posted on my website in various formats for everyone to download and print, along with some interesting family genealogy stories.

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