A famous hockey player in our family tree?

A famous hockey player in our family tree?

Well, only very distantly.

My mom and I were recently in Québec City on vacation along with Marie and Derwyn Wilson. While visiting Montmorency Falls just outside the city, Marie wanted to stop at ‘Maison Vézina’ to see if it was anything to do with the hockey player after which the Vezina Trophy is named. And yes, it does form part of the history of the family from which Georges Vézina is descended.

Maison Vézina

This property and the existing house were purchased in 1666 by François the Elder (there were two sons named François), oldest son of Jacques Vésina, and remained in the Vézina family for over 300 years. In the 70s it was sold to a real estate developer who let it deteriorate. A few years ago, it was purchased by a historical society who restored it back to the near-original state.

In the house, you can view various archeological items that were found around the house during the restoration, as well as descriptions of the Vézina family life.

Fortunately I had brought with me my family tree as researched by La Société Historique de Saint-Boniface of Winnipeg in 2006, and discovered that we are also descended from Jacques Vésina, by way of his third daughter Louise.

I had the opportunity to purchase a “biography” of Jacques Vésinat (you’ll note the various name spellings) while visiting the house, and once translated, I will share interesting bits about how he and his family came to emigrate to Canada in the 1600s.

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