Atlassian to make big announcement!

On October 25, 2011, Atlassian is hosting a world-wide party to announce a new product launch. You can sign up to attend the Edmonton party on the Facebook event page. Come out and meet other Atlassian users in Edmonton!

There will be snacks, pool and prizes.

A long time coming

Hurrah! I’m very happy today. After studying, on and off, for years, today I finally wrote and passed the Implementation and Maintenance exam for SQL Server 2008 (70-432).

While on spring vacation, I made a plan to set a date in June, but by the time I checked availability in May, June was already booked up. I’m glad now that it was, because I certainly didn’t feel ready by the end of June. I was a lot more comfortable going into the exam today.

I prepared for the exam by:

  • reading and rereading the Microsoft Press self-study book,
  • took the 5-day classroom training on Maintaining a SQL Server Database,
  • bought the practice exam from MeasureUp, and
  • read Books Online.

There were things on the exam that I now have to look up, because I didn’t run across them in my studies (default trace files and tracking deprecated code usage).

I’m celebrating my new title Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with a beer and some high-carb snacks. Then, onward! to the next certification, while I’m in the habit of studying regularly.